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Study Science at MK College

From searching for the cure to thousands of diseases, to sending people into space, science is all around us and is ever-evolving.

You will be spending time in our labs investigating the scientific basis behind physics, chemistry and biology theories. Students on our Advanced Science course, Forensic & Criminal Investigation, will learn how to apply their knowledge to the legal system in order that this can be used in a court of law.

If you have an inquisitive mindset, studying scientific subjects can lead you to discover a rewarding and dynamic career.

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You can join a Live Q&A Session by clicking the buttons above. This will take you through to a Microsoft Teams meeting where you can join attendees in asking questions to the tutors. If you do not wish to have your camera or microphone on, that’s no problem! You will still be able to ask questions via the Microsoft Teams chat once you are in the session. If you are joining with a Smartphone or Tablet then please ensure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded. If you are having any issues joining the tutor sessions, then please let us know via the live chat function on this page.

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Courses Available

You may have noticed that we offer Intermediate and Advanced courses for most areas.

Intermediate courses are equivalent to Level 1/2 and are for those people who need a bit of extra focus and support in order to learn more about their specific interest, get familiar with tools and equipment and may need to resit GCSE English and/or maths.

Advanced courses are equivalent to Level 3 and are ideal for people who have a good grasp of their interest, but need to focus on developing their technical skill and concentrate on growing their skills and employability, learning how to turn their talent into a career.

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If you do not wish to join a Live Q&A session today, then please join us at our next in person Open Event where you can meet the tutors and tour the facilities.

Did you know?

Science jobs are expected to grow at two times the rate of other occupations, creating 142,000 jobs between now and 2023.

Undergraduate Courses at MK College

Course to Career

Our science courses can support your journey to becoming a:

– Laboratory Technician
– Fingerprint Officer
– Criminal Intelligence Analyst
– Senior Scenes of Crime Officer
– Forensic Scientist
– Forensic/Criminal Psychologist

Science Courses

Forensic & Criminal Investigation

Want an exciting career in a fast-paced and challenging subject? The job will require you to provide impartial scientific evidence to support the legal process, and efficiency is key. You must have an inquisitive nature, a methodical way of thinking, excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Crimes can happen anywhere and at any time, so no two days will be the same.

Applied Science

Are you determined to a pursue a career as a Forensic Scientist or in the Science industry, but need to further your knowledge? You will be supported by our dedicated tutors to put your passion to the test, and develop your study and research skills to help your learning. You must be able to think logically, and be determined to succeed.